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Posted by LinuxGuy on 2012/3/1 23:00:00 (5793 reads)

Wondering how all this works? There is a little bit to learn, and some strategy can definitely help, but it's probably a lot easier than you think! There are 3 ways to earn cash and prizes: completing offers, playing games, and referring new members.

Don't want to learn anything, you just want to start making money right now? Simply sign up by clicking on the lightning bolt (always at the top of ECP) and do only the easy high payout Recurring Tasks (Earn » Recurring Tasks)! With just a little bit of time per day, it's easy to make A LOT more than you accrue even having a large savings account with a high APR! If you temporarily run out of tasks you like to do, then you should try the Daily Surveys! The only requirement to do most of the Daily Surveys is to verify your physical address, which will bring your membership to Bronze level!  

On a per offer basis, you earn either cash or points. How much you earn, and what exactly is involved, depends on the type of offer you're completing.

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