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Here are some links to other cool free sites!
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Links : Top ranking free link exchange sites!
Posted by LinuxGuy on 2011/5/17 16:20:00
As the owner of a growing web site, I found myself wondering; what are the top ranking free link exchange sites that have quality, relevant links? I'm compiling a list by cross referencing with all major search engines, and excluding any with unreasonable requirements. So far, I'm excluding them if they require you to backlink from your home page, or if they require you to upload/execute code:

I will continue to work on this list as I get time!

Update July 2, 2011 - Any link exchanges that are making it difficult or impossible for me to change the domain for ECP are now being removed.

Update July 17, 2011 - If your crawler doesn't have a user agent header, you are now being removed. Fix your stuff people!
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Links : Some cool free web based game sites!
Posted by LinuxGuy on 2011/5/14 20:50:00
Bored? Here are some cool free web based game sites:

I'll add more links to other good free web based game sites as time goes on, so check back periodically!
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