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Bitcoin ]
Requested and Answered by LinuxGuy on 05-Dec-2013 20:22 (1139 reads)
It's really very simple, but there are a few basic principles you should understand before you get started. To use BTC you need software or hardware that manages wallets. A wallet is simply a "numbered account" in the public ledger. Anyone can easily instantly create as many wallets as they would like for privacy or security reasons. To spend the balance of a given wallet from anywhere in the world at any time all that is required is the key, so it is extremely important that you protect the keys to your wallets.

Just like with physical cash, it is not a good idea to walk around carrying large amounts of it (in case of theft or you somehow lose your wallet), but it is convenient to carry some spending cash. There are 2 basic categories of BTC wallets, hot (online) and cold (offline). For security reasons you should always keep larger amounts of BTC in a cold wallet. There are several methods of cold storage, but the most convenient for most people is probably a paper wallet. A popular hot wallet (for daily spending cash) that works with both iOS and Android mobile platforms is called My Wallet from blockchain.info. Below is a quick introduction video to help you get started.

Bitcoin ]
Requested and Answered by LinuxGuy on 15-Nov-2013 10:27 (782 reads)
Bitcoin is digital cash designed to increase in value over time. It utilizes an innovative and highly extensible decentralized (P2P) protocol that enables people to do business without involving a bank or other financial institution. Below is one of the best introductory videos I've encountered so far.

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Points2Shop ]
Requested and Answered by LinuxGuy on 28-Aug-2011 10:39 (1407 reads)
The reality of this situation is that your basic info is already out there; it's in so many databases you have absolutely no control over that it's not even funny. Many of these databases will have a security breach eventually (if they haven't already), so it really doesn't do you any good to try and keep your basic info to yourself.

If you don't feel comfortable completing an offer or signing up for a freebie then simply skip that one! You always choose when and what information you want to share. Besides, the worst that could happen is you sign up for a fake freebie and get some check fraud scam in the mail, or something stupid like that. On the very rare occasion that's happened, I've actually had a good laugh, because the fraudsters paid for the postage, and most of them are paying to send from outside the country, so it's certainly not cheap. You really have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

The things you should probably only give to P2S are your primary email address, and your home and/or cell number(s). It's easy to create a free alternate email address for doing offers/freebies, so that way your primary doesn't get spammed. The best thing to do about unwanted/untimely phone calls is to get a free local number from Google Voice, which will give you total call control! Check out the ECP P2S Tutorial for more tips.

The only other things worth mentioning are that you should never give out your Social Security Number (SSN) without being absolutely sure it's a legitimate business you trust, and you should be careful not to use the same password for offers/freebies that you use on important accounts. That's really all there is to it!

Points2Shop ]
Requested and Answered by LinuxGuy on 21-Feb-2011 14:38 (1598 reads)
The best way is to use a VM (Virtual Machine) such as VirtualBox or VMware. This will allow you to run a completely self-contained installation of Windows in which you can safely run untrusted software. Once the offer approves and you've paid things forward a bit, you can simply revert the VM to your snapshot, knowing that everything is now exactly as it was!

The alternative is to use a sandbox environment such as Sandboxie, which is theoretically a little bit less secure, but doesn't require as much hard drive space. Some people find sandbox environments confusing and some installation offers may not work properly in them. If you don't feel comfortable doing these sorts of things you can always skip/ignore the download/install offers, but it's really not difficult. It's a great way to earn some extra cash or points!

Points2Shop ]
Requested and Answered by LinuxGuy on 20-Sep-2010 17:48 (1486 reads)
How much you earn mostly depends on your demographic, the types of offers you complete, and the time and effort you're willing to put into it.

In my experience so far (being in the US), it's trivial to earn $1-5 USD a day with a little bit of time spent doing just the free offers/daily surveys! If you're motivated and have the time I've seen people earning $25-50 USD a day just doing the recurring tasks (when the right ones are available)! There are lots of ways to earn, and they're always adding more, so just play around and figure out what you like to do that works for you.

This may not seem like much, but it adds up pretty quick. This is not even counting referral bonuses or winnings from games! Plus with the daily surveys, you have the added benefit that your input actually helps improve and create products and services!