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blog : CL/P2S reaches over 3 million USD earned & 3 External Offer affiliates!
Posted by LinuxGuy on 2011/5/23 3:04:54
At the time of this post, members have earned $3,057,177.00 USD! Also there are now three External Offer affiliates, giving us even more easy opportunities to earn: Gambit, TrialPay, and PeanutLabs. Things just keep getting better!
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blog : ECP now has proof of 100 received freebies!
Posted by LinuxGuy on 2011/5/11 19:41:28
I'm happy to announce the Proof section of ECP now has photos of 100 real deal freebies received! It's hard to believe I started doing this program in my free time less than a year ago now. This is not even counting the cash, checks, or the free stuff from Amazon I've received!
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blog : Get the new CoD:BO Escalation map pack for free!
Posted by LinuxGuy on 2011/4/30 14:53:35
The new Escalation map pack for Call of Duty Black Ops comes out in just a few short days! It includes 5 new maps, which you can get for free just by using this site! It's absolutely free; no credit card required! It's never been easier to get free Xbox Live stuff!
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blog : CL/P2S hits the 2 million user mark!
Posted by LinuxGuy on 2011/4/2 15:45:10
CL/P2S has now reached over 2 million users, and over 2.9 million USD earned site-wide! To celebrate they've added 3 new games:

Pods Extreme

A fun, addictive game. Use your mouse pointer to keep your pod from being hit. The longer you stay alive, the higher chances you have of beating your opponent!

The next two games are trial games. We need input from you. The more they're played, the longer they may stay around. If they're popular enough we will permanently add them, and add the ability to play for points.

Spring Bingo!

This isn't grandma's bingo. In Spring Bingo, you switch tiles around to make long lines of like-tiles. The more lines you can make, the higher your score goes. The better you get, the more bonuses and power-ups you have a chance at!

Word Match

Click and drag your way to a wider vocabulary! Classic 'Wordsearch' just got an upgrade. Use your mouse to find as many words as possible before the time runs out. How many can you get?

Just some more reasons to join the best free rewards program on the planet!
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blog : Posted a couple of freebies and got some free lotto tickets today!
Posted by LinuxGuy on 2011/3/21 21:08:58
If you're in the United States, I posted a couple of freebies in the Freebies (Free Stuff) section of the site today! In return, I received 2 free lotto tickets for the upcoming weekly lottery every Wednesday. Be sure to act fast, they're only giving a few thousand away!
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blog : I got paid to research auto insurance companies online!
Posted by LinuxGuy on 2011/2/14 16:20:00
Ever thought maybe there's some truth to these ads that say you could be saving hundreds on your auto insurance, but didn't want to take the time and hassle to find out? I got paid to get easy online quotes from auto insurance companies! I will update this post with some actual numbers on the offers I did, and how many are presently available to me soon. There are actually quite a few 100 point offers I haven't done yet, so it would be easy to make a lot more than I did doing this!

I did this over 6 months ago now, and I ended up switching from Geico to State Farm. I like Geico, and I had been with them for a long time, but no matter what they tried to adjust they just couldn't come close to State Farm. I now get better coverage and roadside assistance, plus I'm saving over $200 USD per year!
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blog : Free Cr-48 Netbook from Google!
Posted by LinuxGuy on 2010/12/15 21:00:00
Not a computer guru? Want a computer you can actually use like a tool, without feeling like a tool for using it? Chrome OS is ready for some public testing, and Google is giving away a rumored ~60,000 netbooks with it in return for some feedback!

"Chrome notebooks are built and optimized for the web, where you already spend most of your computing time. So you get a faster, simpler and more secure experience without all the headaches of ordinary computers."

As of the time of this post, over 8,000 have already been shipped! Here's a tracker site so you can see where these bad boys are heading! They even come with 2 years of free 100 MB/mo 3G service!
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blog : ECP now has free live text chat support!
Posted by LinuxGuy on 2010/12/4 6:10:00
That's right, chat live with LinuxGuy and other ECP members and friends! Just ask your question, etc, and stick around for a bit! I won't always be active, but I'm usually around a lot! Click here for a web based client; just type in a Nickname, and click the 'Join chat' button!

For the more advanced users; the IRC network is QuakeNet (irc.quakenet.org #ECP).
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blog : I got paid $20 cash to switch to a superior digital phone service (VoIP)!
Posted by LinuxGuy on 2010/11/20 19:50:00
It had been in the back of my mind for a while; I needed more from my VoIP provider. I had heard a little bit about Phone Power before, but I had no idea they were offering so many great features for such a reasonable price. My startup cost with Vonage was $57.78 USD, compared to only $32.98 USD with Phone Power! On top of that, Cashle paid me $20 USD cash to switch; my highest payout offer to date (interestingly, I was the only person to take advantage of it)! It is a contract, but for the next 2 years I pay only $18.02/mo USD! When I started with Vonage, I paid $17.42/mo USD; nearly 4 years later, I was paying $26.92/mo USD for the exact same features and minutes! With Phone Power I get over 45 calling features, a free 2nd phone line, and a free PC software phone ($9.99/mo USD with Vonage, and it only includes 500 minutes)! This includes 5,000 outbound minutes a month (inbound always free), versus only 500 with my Vonage plan; plus I get 1 free hour of international calling per month! The call quality and network availability seem to be just as good, if not better too. Also, some of the features are really useful, like call blocking, selective call forwarding, and being able to receive faxes without a fax machine!

Cost to simply keep my Vonage plan for the next 2 years: $646.08 USD
Cost to switch to Phone Power, and pay monthly for 2 years: $447.44 USD

So including the $20 USD cash bonus from Cashle, when my contract ends, I will have an extra $218.64 USD in my pocket!

I'd like to follow up by saying that I think Vonage is a good company, however, in recent years they've simply failed to remain competitive. The monthly cost for my plan had slowly increased over the ~4 years I had been with them, and they haven't added calling features that people have been requesting for a few years. This probably isn't all their fault, given they used off the shelf components to build a network, and then got sued by all the big boys for their trouble, but the facts remain; everyone is looking for ways to save money lately, and people should have the calling features and flexibility they want!

So that's my story about how Cashle paid me to switch to a vastly superior, yet more reasonably priced digital phone service. Phone Power has a deal right now that works out to be just over $10.55/mo USD if you pay for 2 years in advance; since the Cashle offer has now expired, you won't get the $20 USD cash bonus for signing up like I did, but it's definitely one sweet deal even without it! Stay tuned for an even more impressive story about how Cashle has saved me money while improving my quality of life!
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blog : The ECP blog is finally ready!
Posted by LinuxGuy on 2010/11/18 19:10:00
The long awaited ECP blog is finally here! This is where I will be documenting my CL/P2S journey, as well as keeping you up to date with the latest news and tips.

In the coming days, I will be focusing on getting you up to speed on the ways CL/P2S has actually saved me a lot of money; this is in addition to all the free stuff I've received, and the cash and prizes I've earned! I'm not talking about coupons or anything like that, I'm talking about significant amounts of money. When you start to add it up, it's really quite astonishing! Stay tuned!
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