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blog : CL/P2S adds bonuses for External Offers completed by referrals!
Posted by LinuxGuy on 2011/12/22 8:32:53
As you may be aware, we've always received a bonus for offers completed by our referrals, but that bonus did not apply to External Offers (3rd party offers). Now we always receive a bonus for any approved offers our referrals complete! This is great news, because it includes earning residual income off offers such as the Recurring Tasks, which are a great source of cash that is constantly improving!
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blog : CL/P2S reaches 7 External Offer group affiliates!
Posted by LinuxGuy on 2011/10/13 2:00:00
CL/P2S has just added their 7th External Offer group affiliate called Paymentwall! Payout seems to be a bit low, and slower compared to the other affiliates, but the interface looks pretty decent. Never hurts to have more opportunities to earn!
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blog : Over $3.5 million USD earned site-wide & Yet another External Offer affiliate added!
Posted by LinuxGuy on 2011/10/9 3:44:02
Users have now earned over $3.5 million US dollars site-wide! They've also just added yet another third party affiliate called Matomy for even more opportunities to earn points. It's a real nice interface with lots of free offers, and payouts seem to be pretty good. You can earn easy points for watching short videos, and they have download offers I haven't seen anywhere else!
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blog : Payments by check are now free & AlertPay payments are now instant!
Posted by LinuxGuy on 2011/10/7 15:46:36
There used to be a fee of $0.50 for requesting payment by check, but due to the popularity of this payment method it's now free! Also, AlertPay payments are now instant for Gold+ level members, just like they always have been for PayPal! There has never been a better time to join the best free rewards program on the planet. Things just keep getting better! Simply click the lightning bolt at the top of ECP to get started.
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blog : Earn points with your Android phone!
Posted by LinuxGuy on 2011/10/5 9:29:40
You can now earn points with unique offers available only on your Android mobile phone (iPhone app coming soon)! Just sign up by clicking the lightning bolt (always at the top of ECP), then download the free P2S app for Android to start earning!
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blog : Amazon gift cards now available in exchange for points!
Posted by LinuxGuy on 2011/9/22 13:34:17
Amazon now has their gift cards available to be mailed in the US with free shipping. This means CL/P2S can now provide the $50 Amazon gift cards in exchange for points! They are also hoping to add even more gift card options soon.
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blog : Free Modern Warfare 3 & Battlefield 3!
Posted by LinuxGuy on 2011/9/21 16:14:11
Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 will be out soon! Why not get them 100% free with just a little of your time spent doing just free offers!
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blog : Free iPod/iPhone Cable July 16th Only!
Posted by LinuxGuy on 2011/7/16 17:04:11
Don't usually blog about freebies, but who doesn't want a free iPod/iPhone data cable?! Just under 13 hours left on this one, but they might run out quick, so I wouldn't wait!
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blog : ECP has moved to a new domain EarnCashandPrizes.info!
Posted by LinuxGuy on 2011/6/27 1:22:46
I started working on ECP in my free time just over a year ago now, mostly as a proof of concept web site. It has now matured to a level that I feel warrants a proper domain! This should prevent any domain ownership disputes, as well as reduce down time (co.cc recently experienced a complete outage for several hours, and to me that's unacceptable for a DNS provider). Now if I can just get all my links updated; talk about a PITA!
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blog : CL/P2S adds 2 more External Offer affiliates!
Posted by LinuxGuy on 2011/6/16 17:57:34
There are now two new third party affiliates available for even more opportunities to earn points!

uSamp - This affiliate actually pays you to fill out different parts of your profile! Based on your saved profile it calculates the odds of you being allowed to participate in each available offer to save you time and effort qualifying!

RadiumOne - This is a great new one with lots of unique free offers! They have quite a few really easy offers for earning points, including watching short videos and installing Facebook games/applications!

There are other rewards programs out there, but they just don't compare. As you can see, things just keep on getting better!
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