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Want extra cash? It's easy to earn cash and prizes!
Welcome to LinuxGuy's site dedicated to showing people how easy it is to earn cash and prizes, and get free stuff. All that's required is a little free time and a smartphone/tablet, or your own home broadband connection with a PC!
Ethical and legal. No investments. No products to sell. No credit card required.
Daily payments with 10 different withdrawal methods.
No obligations. No need to promote. Earn however and whenever is convenient for you!
It's not a job or a get rich quick scam; it's a legit, sustainable, and easy way to earn cash and prizes.
Don't really like the idea of getting cash for clicks, taking surveys, or watching videos? If you like web based games, then you're still in luck! This rewards program has something for everyone, and it's getting better all the time! It's simple; on a per offer basis you earn cash or points.

The points are great, because not only can you earn more by competing against others in games, but also they're worth 1 cent USD each for prizes from Amazon! No confusing point systems or unrealistic minimum withdrawal requirements! There are also team competitions, lots of monthly contests, a weekly lottery, a daily Number Limbo game (guess the lowest unique number), and a monthly sweepstakes.

Skeptical?  Just look at all my proof and you'll see it's true!  

Eager to start earning?  Be sure to read:

• Only 1 account per person.
• You must use real information; fraud is illegal and will get you banned!
• Don't attempt to signup, play games for points, withdraw cash, or spend points from a public Internet connection, cell phone web browser, or from a referral's Internet connection! This will help avoid the suspension of your account and being required to verify your identity.

Click the lightning bolt at the top of ECP to start earning right now!

Questions?  Ask in the ECP Live IRC Text Chat (on QuakeNet), or check out the ECP P2S Tutorial, for my quick start guide that teaches you exactly what you need to know to start earning cash and Amazon prizes immediately!

My goal is to make ECP a site that helps us maximize our earnings with the least amount of time and effort. Let me know what features you would like to see!

ECP home page last updated October 25, 2013.